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Serious Sam shows Elohim how it’s done!

We know it’s 1st of April, but you really are gonna laugh out of pure joy when we tell you that Talos Principle is 50% off (starting today till 6th of April)! But that’s not all…. we got some help from our longtime actor John J. Dick who thought Talos needed a change in attitude, so he recorded and replaced all Elohim’s quotes with his own, in an attempt to make game ‘even more serious’.

I knew this was eventually bound to happen” said Sam “Serious” Stone when asked to comment on upcoming DLC. “It all started when they took assets from Egypt and reused them again in this new puzzler that delayed my fourth game in the series. But hell, I sound so good that all is forgiven.


The new Serious pack also includes a new Serious player model for use in the game. The Talos Principle: Serious DLC is available on Steam for free until Tuesday, April 7th and then will be available for purchase for $2.99.


The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna DLC announcement

We are very excited to announce our upcoming DLC pack for The Talos Principle called Road to Gehenna. In this new story set in the world of The Talos Principle, you will take on the part of Uriel, Elohim’s messenger, as he explores a strange, hidden part of the simulation on a mission of mercy and redemption. You must free the souls of the damned – even if it requires a sacrifice.

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna will consist of 4 episodes, and will feature hard puzzles for experienced players who climbed the Tower and were left longing for more. Our writers, Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes, have taken on the task of showing you an entirely different side of Elohim’s world. Your journey to Gehenna will not only introduce you to new characters, but to a whole new society with its own history and philosophy. We tried to press Jonas and Tom for more concrete details, but all we got were obscure philosophical statements about authenticity and the quantifying nature of the internet. 

TTP_DLC_Screenshot_2   TTP_DLC_Screenshot_1

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna is coming to Steam this spring while The Talos Principle and the expansion pack will launch on PlayStation 4 and the Nvidia Shield platforms later this year.



Meet & greet Croteam at GDC & PAX East!

Good news everybody! We’ll be attending this year’s GDC in San Francisco, where Talos Principle will be featured at IGF pavilion in Expo hall as one of the IGF finalists. As you probably know, we were nominated for 3 IGF awards – Seamus McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Design and Audience Award – and we’d like to thank jury for this nice recognition of our hard work.

After GDC, we’ll head to PAX East in Boston, where you can find us at Devolver Digital’s booth as well as on Alienware stand. You can ask us questions, grab some t-shirts and goodies, play Talos, or just come to say hi – you are all welcome! And check this video below 🙂

See you soon, and thanks for your support!

Broforce – 10 Steam keys for our community bros!!!

The Talos Principle Steam community is quickly approaching milestone of 100.000 members! For this big milestone, besides all Serious Sam games and Shadow Warrior, we decided to add one more great indie game to our community giveaway


Team up with up to 4 bros and save the world, because freedom is not a joke! Enjoy humor, over-the-top action and CoOp with other bros.

We will award 10 Steam keys for this thrilling game to some of you when our Steam community grows to 100.000 members.

Check giveaway progress on following link:
About Disciples of The Talos Principle: Community Game Giveaway

As always, if you want you can help spread the news about The Talos Principle by inviting your friends to The Talos Principle official Steam group and together with them enjoy rewards that we prepared in our giveaway!
If you want to find other exciting titles published by ultimate indie publisher – Devolver Digital, check this link — Devolver Digital games on Steam —

Thanks for your time and your support!

IGF Audience Award voting

Dear fans of The Talos Principle, as you might already know, The Talos Principle was nominated by Independent Games Festival (IGF) for Excellence In Design and Seamus McNally Grand Prize, and has honorable mention for Excellence In Narrative. IGF awards are the most prestigious indie game awards where panel of judges, all industry experts, decides who will win prizes.

But there is also an IGF Audience Award – and for this award judges are you – players, fans, friends. If you liked Talos, it will only take 30 seconds of your time. Please go to the link below and do following steps:

1) Choose The Talos Principle from drop down menu.
2) Enter your email (one vote per email)

Thanks a lot!