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Photogrammetry in Serious Sam 4

Slipper of Sudden Death deals area dmg (poison), stuns enemies and – most importantly – ads insult to injury.

Photogrammetry prototype is coming along nicely: Serious Sam should have a new, mighty and frightening weapon at hand. Or foot.

Check out the video below.

Sam meets Talos Principle

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour has introduced Jammers into the game which was one of the main tools used in The Talos Principle. Sam has borrowed this cool feature to open doors, disrupt turrets and to activate certain buttons. Check the video below!


We’re at the Nordic Game conference

 If you've seen this lecture, you haven't seen them all; Alen speeches continue to be an inspiration for developers . It is, however, going to look a bit like this, but with more mooses. And swag.

If you’ve seen this lecture, you haven’t seen them all; Alen’s speeches continue to be an inspiration for developers . It is, however, going to look kind of like this. But with more elks. And swag.

Ok, we’re not there yet, but we’re traveling to Malmo, Sweeden. Our CTO, Alen Ladavac, will be at the Nordic Game conference 2016 soon, giving a lecture on making big games with small teams – The Talos Principle post-mortem.

Croteam has always tried to optimize the development process and attain high production values with a small but effective team. This post-mortem of the critically acclaimed The Talos Principle describes the principles, tools and processes used to achieve that.

If you’re at Nordic, come and listen, or get in touch with us. This Friday. Noon. Sharp. See you there!




Returning home… a Hero!

"For us? You really shouldn't have... -I love you, guys! - The pleasure is mine. -No, it's all mine. -No. Mine."

“For us? You really shouldn’t have… -I love you, guys! – The pleasure is mine. -No, it’s all mine. -No. Mine.”

Amazing! Exquisite! Huge!” were some of the superlatives the organizer of the Reboot Develop 2016 used to describe his conference. And guess what? It was all of that – and more. Three sunny days in beautiful Split, more than 80 speakers, 800 attendees, and six awards:

  • Visual Excellence – Shadows of War (TRI.G)
  • Outstanding Gameplay – Qube 2 (Toxic Games)
  • Special Selection – Morning Men (Pixel Federation)
  • Game of the Year – Qube 2 (Toxic Games)
  • Hero Award – Charles Cecil
  • Street Hero Award – Croteam

We’d like to congratulate everybody that won, console everybody who was nominated but didn’t win, but most of all – we are going to brag about our award, the Street Hero!

The award was introduced just this year and came as quite a surprise (that’s why we are sporting our street smarts at the awards ceremony and not wearing tuxedos). Initially we thought it was for eating the most at the hotel bar or winning the Develop football cup (yup! It was Croteam), but we got separate awards for those achievements. An extra charge at the hotel bill for the first one, and a nice golden cup for the second one.

Apparently, Street Hero has something to do with being a cool regional developer and an all-around nice studio. And that’s us, in a nutshell. Tnx, Reboot! See you next year.