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Positive media feedback for SSVR

The third day at EGX is coming to an end and all we can say is that everyone is loving the game so far.

First media reviews are also coming in and there are nothing but positive. Check them out below.

Jon Porter, Techradar–1329175

Kevin Carbotte, Tom’s Hardware,32749.html

Jake Tucker, Wareable

Fun and pleasure at EGX

Hello from EGX! It’s been crazy here for the last 24 hours. Fans are impatiently waiting to get their hands on the main attraction of the show, mighty Minigun to try out Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. Feedback is nothing but positive and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

To get a glimpse of the action check the video below posted by PCGamesN.

For more info also visit us on Facebook and Twitter were you can catch all the action from EGX. Stay tuned!


Minigun Live in action

Our team is having a great time presenting Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope in Birmingham. And yes, we have prepared a few surprises for you.

Instead of using standard VR controllers fans can now try the game with the real Minigun. Yes, the Minigun is fully functional and replaces usual VR controllers for ultimate fun and destruction.

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egx14 egx16

egx10 egx15

Aspects of optimization in video games

In their latest issue PC Gamer has covered topic of optimization in video games. It includes expressions like GPU- bound, memory capacity-bound, scalability options, platform differences and all other technical stuff. Honestly that’s to much for me, I am just a marketing guy, but if you are intrigued with those mentions and want to learn more than this article is the right stuff for you.

For whole article click on the link

Play Serious Sam VR at EGX 2016

Hot new Croteam game Serious Sam VR:The Last Hope will be presented at Eurogamer’s Expo Gaming Show (EGX) in Birmingham, UK,  22th – 25th September. All the team worked really hard to bring you the exciting world of VR technology at it’s best. Join us at EGX and step into the shoes of Sam ‘Serious’ Stone to fight against the Mental’s relentless hordes to save the galaxy once again.

We are also preparing a few surprises for dedicated fans so keep up with our social media channels.

You can catch the guys at Scan Computers stand in Zone 1 at National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

egx2a egx1

The cat is (not) a lie

“At the time we were working on a poster for the The Talos Principle, the game still wasn’t finished and there was supposed to be a story of a cat, or even a game mechanic involving a cat”. This is how Denis Ivankovic begins to answer one of the most frequent questions in Croteam‘s inbox – “What’s with the cat?”

“Later on, the whole cat part of the story got scrapped, but we still wanted the poster to communicate the idea of an android with feelings, which is obviously a human trait, and hence hint at the whole premise of the game. The initial mock up of the poster looked very promising, but now we were one cat short, story wise, so we went on and tried to replace it with the rabbit.”

“The problem is there wasn’t a rabbit in the game as well, so the whole cat or rabbit dilemma was basically a chicken and the egg situation. At the end, we went with the cat as Helena (Level Designer) actually had one. Well, her mother did, his name was Rudolf.”

So, the poster features a cat, but the cat is not in the game? The whole thing is a lie!?

“No, not at all!” Denis reassures us. “The game features a secret level with a cat! I’m not saying anything more, as the cat’s location is carefully hidden in the game. And in about bazillion game guides available on the Internet.”

While the cat is not a lie, the part with nine lives sadly is. Rudolf had an accident and is no longer with us, but his memory lives on.

To finish this blog on a more positive vibe, we’re giving away free The Talos Principle merch! All you have to do is post a picture that involves The Talos Principle and a (live) cat. Check out our Facebook page for more.


Try out a single level from The Talos Principle in VR

I wonder, what would the world of The Talos Principle look like in VR? Actually, I don’t, since we recreated a level from The Talos Principle in Destinations VR Workshop!

It’s free and it’s available for download today, you can try it out right now:

Just install the Destinations and subscribe to The Talos Principle (and than restart the Steam, lol).

In the meantime, can you guess which screenshots are from the actual game using Serious Engine, and which are recreated in Source 2 engine?