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SCUM v0.3 is available now – time for some scummin’ in the city

Scummin’? Is that even a word? Let’s pretend it is.

On Friday, when no one should be updating any games, Gamepires have done it again. It’s a tradition by now, so why the hell not, right? Anywho, a brand new SCUM update is live since yesterday, and it’s the biggest one yet with tons of new features and fixes.

The big new addition is Samobor, SCUMs biggest city released so far, in which you can explore some of the most beautiful locations the team has made since EA launch. Alongside the new city, the game has been updated with brand new weapon animations, an improved puppet spawning system, squad management, as well as new core gameplay features like limping and skills.

Check out the full list of features and news in the official blog post.

With SCUM v0.3, it’s a perfect time to jump into the most amazing survival game today. Coming from a totally non-biased PR dude that means something, does it not? I thought so.

SCUM is available at 33% OFF during the Steam Winter Sale, so grab it now!

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The Talos Principle is 5 Years Old, Launches on Nintendo Switch

Five years ago today we have made something special. Out of nowhere, a team that was known for the absolutely chaotic Serious Sam series launched a much slower, calming game. Just like that, a philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle was born.

Over the course of five years, The Talos Principle has landed on all relevant platforms but one – Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Talos, we’re changing that, and you can now enjoy The Talos Principle on-the-go. So, grab your handhelds and sharpen your minds before jumping into The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition.

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition is playable on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. In addition to the base game content, the Deluxe Edition explores a brand new narrative spread through four additional episodes as part of the Road to Gehenna expansion.

Jump into the simulation, solve puzzles, avoid drones, read the archives, and find out who you are, while enjoying stunning visuals and great performance while commuting, enjoying a flight, or simply hanging out at home, away from your TV!

Croteam titles up to 90% OFF during the Steam Autumn Sale

Hello friends and family!

We won’t be going far and wide with this one, as we know the best way to spend a fall afternoon is by playing your favorite game. We also know there’s no better way to motivate you to jump in than to set up some discounts during the Steam Autumn Sale – so here they are.

Grab all Croteam games at up to 90% off right HERE.

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Unity of Command II is launching this November, closed beta starting later this month

Hey everyone!

Over the past couple of months, you have seen us periodically talk about our co-production effort with the legendary strategy masterminds from 2×2 Games, Unity of Command II. Other than a few streams and trailers that showcased the gameplay it was all talk so far, but as Mr. Dylan would say – times, they are a-changin’.

We’re super happy today to announce that the development of Unity of Command II is all but finished, and the game is slated for November 2019 release on Steam. Before 2×2 Games launches the game, they are looking for a brand new batch of beta testers to join the wargaming fun in an upcoming closed-beta due to start on October 21st.

To sign up for a chance to participate, get more info on the beta, and check out a brand new dev-diary, please go to

The private beta will be available Windows via Steam and will include single-player and hot-seat multiplayer modes.

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Serious Sam Revolution Update 1.02 is Live

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since Revolution migrated from Early Access to a full release already, but we haven’t been static since. Instead, we have been all over your reports and feedback, fixing, readjusting, rebalancing and expanding in the meantime.

Our main focus was fixing some critical issues as well as the invisible Workshop items issue that came up, as we love seeing your mods shine. This was sorted out, so please make magic happen, we can’t wait to check all your custom stuff out.

This update also takes care of the leaderboard issues with survival levels, as well as many smaller issues with Netricsa, collision, textures and such. More detailed update notes can be found on Steam or Reddit, whichever you prefer.

Stay Serious!

For all things Serious Sam hit Mr. Stone up on Twitter and Facebook. Follow Croteam on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to join our ever-growing Croteam family on Discord and Reddit.