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The Disciples of The Talos Principle: 1st milestone surprise game revealed!

Due to your overwhelming support in just two short days we got very close to reaching 1st milestone in our Community Game Giveaway, so we figured it was about time to reveal surprise game that we will give to you once 1st milestone is reached.

And the game is…  OlliOlli


That’s right! We will award 10 Steam keys for this ultra-cool indie game to randomly chosen members of our group, once the membership number grows over 6,000. In addition we will throw at you 10 keys for various Serious Sam games! So stay tuned and good luck!





Disciples of Talos community game giveaway

Our fellow fans, gamers and friends!

We would like to invite you to join official Talos Principle group and become one of our precious Disciples. Each and every one of you who joins official group page will automatically enter the giveaway contest, where we’ll award randomly chosen group members with various Steam game keys, once the milestones are reached.


For the details of giveaway, head over here!




Day 2 Recap – Croteam at GAMESCOM 2014

Day 2 hello from GAMESCOM 2014!

Overwhelming. That’s basically the only word that describes response to the Talos Principle demo we’ve been showcasing for the past two days!

It’s been awesome in Cologne so far and we are loving every minute of it! Both of our narrative designers, Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes did a hell of a job at Devolver Digital stand in hall 4.1 converting lots of newcomers to instant Talos fans, mostly among the media and press.

Meanwhile, our MEGABOOTH stand was under occupation, with people lining up to play Talos for the first time. We secured 2 desktop stations, 1 XMG laptop and 2 new nVidia Shield tablets for you guys, but it’s simply not enough, so we’ll bring more tomorrow, as we want to give everyone chance to play. Visit us tomorrow and prepare to be blown away by Talos!

day2_recap_1 day2_recap_2 day2_recap_3 day2_recap_4

If you are in Cologne, a reminder to visit hall 10.1 and check Talos in person!

Day 1 Recap – Croteam at GAMESCOM 2014

Day 1 hello from GAMESCOM 2014!

The Gamescom was officially opened this morning for public, which made our Cologne team very very happy, as we could finally put Talos in front of people we make games for! And boy was that fun! As part of the Indie MEGABOOTH (located in hall 10.1) Croteam was blessed with an opportunity to listen first-hand what you boys and girls have to say about Talos’ gameplay and story. It was really great watching people playing our game and discovering how all these mechanics work, while experiencing glimpses of story that justify the adjective “philosophical” in our tagline. And you people did good – many of you were so persistent and didn’t want to give up, and it was a pure pleasure for us watching you solve final puzzle and experiencing that moment of epiphany, knowing you proved yourself worthy of the challenge!

day1_recap_1 day1_recap_2 day1_recap_3 day1_recap_4

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and see you at the show-floor tomorrow! 😉
If you are in Cologne, be sure to visit hall 10.1 and check Talos in person!