The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition for PS4 reviews are rolling in

Why are we here? Does life have a meaning?

Well, today we’re here just to tell you that The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition will be available on PS4 in a few days and the first reviews are already published:

Smart, yet beautifully designed, “The Talos Principle” is a game we can’t wait to play more of.Examiner

One of the most intellectually stimulating experiences on PS4, with imaginative puzzles, fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant expansion that builds tremendously on the core game. – 9/10, PlayStation Universe

[The Talos Principle on PS4] is a genre masterpiece that anyone with the slightest interest in puzzles or philosophy should pick up as a matter of priority. – 9.5/10, Gameplanet

(We tweaked that one a little bit. Hope you don’t mind, Gameplanet.)

Croteam’s adventure remains as engaging and whimsical as ever, challenging and stimulating the player’s mind like no other experience out there. – 8.5/10, GamersFTW

The Talos Principle gave me an existential crisis. Midway through the game I had to set the controller down and question my own existence. – 9/10, NewGamerNation

Life will have a meaning on Oct. 13.

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