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Hello Croteam fans from Mr. Pinky!

I am finally returning back home from my well deserved vacation.

Let me tell you, first eight years I was travelling around the world, meeting interesting people and generally enjoying myself. It passed like it was yesterday. In that time Croteam was kind enough not to legally pursue my persona and I thank their CEO for that. After that, for the next two years or so, I took extra time to relax from this vacation. So, here I am, relaxed and ready again to lead the spy team to get you that juicy news on Croteam.

I am still fighting with jet lag, so I have check out now, but let me just first give you a quick tease (from still-in-construction web page) that Croteam is working on a therapy action simulation game called Idiot Simulator!

With Idiot Simulator it seems Croteam is jumping to all the big noise that Goat, Bear and other (are there any?) Simulator games are currently making. Btw, Goat Simulator is to be released tomorrow on Steamand Bear is on Kickstarter, so it’s worth checking both.

Not sure how I feel about that right now. I like the word “therapy” in the description though, I am always for that. But, not sure if I would ever want to start that game, as then I have a feeling I just wouldn’t be able to stop playing. Yes, I admit, I do have a lot of people on THE (idiot) list, so I am probably not the best one to comment.

Anyhow, more inside info on Idiot Simulator tomorrow in my Serious Tuesday update.

Mr. Pinky
Spy Lead
Croteam (underground)