The Talos Principle will support Vulkan – first screenshot released

There seems to be a lot of media interest for Croteam’s support of Vulkan API in existing and upcoming games, especially after this comment on a forum.

We asked Dean Sekulic, Croteam’s Senior Programmer, to confirm the story.

“Yes, it’s true. The Talos Principle will be our first game to support the Vulkan API. The game is already available on PC, PS4, OS X, Linux and even Android, so I thought – why not add Vulkan to Serious Engine? I mean, it was the easiest feature ever, it only took me five minutes or so to implement it. Here, take a look.”

After seeing the first screenshot we weren’t quite convinced that was the support Khronos Group is looking for. We confronted Dean about it and asked him if he read the official specifications at all?

“No. Of course not! But it won’t stop me from speaking about it at this years GDC official Vulkan panel. And if you disagree, I’ll be available for questions after my lecture.”

Dean was equally straightforward about the time frame for the upcoming patch that will add Vulkan functionality:


We were terrified to ask anything else. But YOU could try.