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The Talos Principle at 75% off!

While it may appear that this game is always on some sort of sale, it’s not. It’s just that our marketing team (IT’S ME, THE GUY WHO’S TYPING THIS, HI!) has been kind of lazy when it comes to news updates.

No philosophy to it – get it now, it’s a great game. Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews.


The Talos Principle will support Vulkan – first screenshot released

There seems to be a lot of media interest for Croteam’s support of Vulkan API in existing and upcoming games, especially after this comment on a forum.

We asked Dean Sekulic, Croteam’s Senior Programmer, to confirm the story.

“Yes, it’s true. The Talos Principle will be our first game to support the Vulkan API. The game is already available on PC, PS4, OS X, Linux and even Android, so I thought – why not add Vulkan to Serious Engine? I mean, it was the easiest feature ever, it only took me five minutes or so to implement it. Here, take a look.”

After seeing the first screenshot we weren’t quite convinced that was the support Khronos Group is looking for. We confronted Dean about it and asked him if he read the official specifications at all?

“No. Of course not! But it won’t stop me from speaking about it at this years GDC official Vulkan panel. And if you disagree, I’ll be available for questions after my lecture.”

Dean was equally straightforward about the time frame for the upcoming patch that will add Vulkan functionality:


We were terrified to ask anything else. But YOU could try.


Best Puzzle Game for The Talos Principle

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you celebrated nicely.

New 2016 has started pretty well for us. The Talos Principle was awarded as Best Puzzle Game by editors at DualShockers. To check if you agree with them, buy and play Talos on Steam.


Talos anniversary!

We are celebrating Talos anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud of it. On December 11th one year ago The Talos Principle was released on Steam.

Thank you guys for supporting us, we really appreciate it.

Now we are ready to make more great games starting with Serious Sam 4. We will keep you up to date with all the news. Follow us on our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.



Reboot InfoGamer 2015 recap

According to unofficial sources, there were as many as 50.000 visitors at this year’s Reboot InfoGamer. Croteam was one of the 100 exhibitors at one of the biggest games shows in Europe, but for us it wasn’t about the record numbers or spectacular booths (although we did try to build a very pretty one). For us, it was about hanging out with fans.
It involved a lot of creativity, too. We had to come up with different answers to everybody’s favorite question: ‘When will you release Serious Sam 4?’ It’s just not polite to bark ‘When it’s done!’ for the thousandth time.
So we came up with this great trick and asked back – ‘Why don’t you tell us?’ or ‘Ask not what Sam can do for you, but whether you can do C++ for Sam’. We ended up hiring the ones whose answers we liked the most.

The officials at the Reboot InfoGamer released this recap video, insisting on this awful dubstep track for some reason. For maximum viewing pleasure we recommend muting the sound and watching the video with a chiptune-punk-folk track of your own choice.

Welcome to Steam Autumn Sale

Croteam is offering you great discounts as a part of Steam Autumn Sale. You can get Talos at 66% off and Gehenna at 33% off. Also, all Sam titles are at discount up to 90%.

It’s ideal gift for you and your friends.

Offer ends on December 1st.



Reboot Infogamer is great!

We are enjoying every minute here, you guys are awesome! Some of you heard some rumours about new SS4… Well lucky you! As for the others, the show is opened tomorrow as well…  😉




Reboot Infogamer started today! We are ready and waiting for you. If you bring beer, we might get chatty about new SS… :)