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Reboot InfoGamer 2015 recap

According to unofficial sources, there were as many as 50.000 visitors at this year’s Reboot InfoGamer. Croteam was one of the 100 exhibitors at one of the biggest games shows in Europe, but for us it wasn’t about the record numbers or spectacular booths (although we did try to build a very pretty one). For us, it was about hanging out with fans.
It involved a lot of creativity, too. We had to come up with different answers to everybody’s favorite question: ‘When will you release Serious Sam 4?’ It’s just not polite to bark ‘When it’s done!’ for the thousandth time.
So we came up with this great trick and asked back – ‘Why don’t you tell us?’ or ‘Ask not what Sam can do for you, but whether you can do C++ for Sam’. We ended up hiring the ones whose answers we liked the most.

The officials at the Reboot InfoGamer released this recap video, insisting on this awful dubstep track for some reason. For maximum viewing pleasure we recommend muting the sound and watching the video with a chiptune-punk-folk track of your own choice.

Welcome to Steam Autumn Sale

Croteam is offering you great discounts as a part of Steam Autumn Sale. You can get Talos at 66% off and Gehenna at 33% off. Also, all Sam titles are at discount up to 90%.

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Reboot Infogamer is great!

We are enjoying every minute here, you guys are awesome! Some of you heard some rumours about new SS4… Well lucky you! As for the others, the show is opened tomorrow as well…  😉




Reboot Infogamer started today! We are ready and waiting for you. If you bring beer, we might get chatty about new SS… :)


T minus 1…

This is it, one more day before we unleash the beast. Still a lot to do, night is long, blah blah. See you tomorrow!


20151109_143639~2 20151110_181858



T minus 2…

We’ve finally started adding some colors to our booth. Remember, only two more days before Reboot INFOGAMER opens it’s door – be sure to secure your ticket!


T minus 3…

Things are getting serious… The building of 180m2 booth continues at steady pace… Only three more days!



T minus 4…

The booth at this year’s Reboot Infogamer has started to take shape. Visit us at hall 8A from Wednesday!



T minus 5…

And now some great news for all you Croteam fans! We will exhibit at this year’s biggest South East European gaming show – Reboot Infogamer – which is happening right here in our home town of Zagreb, next week, starting on Wednesday 11th and lasting for five full days!

We are also building our booth, where you’ll be able to play Serious Sam and The Talos Principle and meet our team in person. Come hang with us, we don’t bite :)

Here is a pic of our booth in progress… or better, the ‘blank canvas’ that we’ll transform into cozy place where magic happens, heh heh heh


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Alienware is giving away Steam discount codes for The Talos Principle. Why? Because it’s a great game and they would like you to check it out! Oh, and Alienware Steam Machine is launching soon, and The Talos Princple is also a perfect SteamOS title.

You can get a discount code here, simply by pressing the “Get key” button.

(OK, you have to log in first, but that’s it, really.)


Story behind The Talos Principle PS4 Deluxe Edition

Followed by PS4 release, our CMO Damjan Mravunac is introducing you with the Puzzles and Tools featured in the The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition and the Narrative behind it.
Videos were published by our friends at GameSpot and you can check them out here and here.