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The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition for PS4 reviews are rolling in

Why are we here? Does life have a meaning?

Well, today we’re here just to tell you that The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition will be available on PS4 in a few days and the first reviews are already published:

Smart, yet beautifully designed, “The Talos Principle” is a game we can’t wait to play more of.Examiner

One of the most intellectually stimulating experiences on PS4, with imaginative puzzles, fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant expansion that builds tremendously on the core game. – 9/10, PlayStation Universe

[The Talos Principle on PS4] is a genre masterpiece that anyone with the slightest interest in puzzles or philosophy should pick up as a matter of priority. – 9.5/10, Gameplanet

(We tweaked that one a little bit. Hope you don’t mind, Gameplanet.)

Croteam’s adventure remains as engaging and whimsical as ever, challenging and stimulating the player’s mind like no other experience out there. – 8.5/10, GamersFTW

The Talos Principle gave me an existential crisis. Midway through the game I had to set the controller down and question my own existence. – 9/10, NewGamerNation

Life will have a meaning on Oct. 13.

Design by Tom J. Manning

Two more weeks

Only two more weeks separate PlayStation players from pure bliss, as Talos Principle hits the shelves on October 13th!

In the meantime, very cool looking boxes started appearing on the net… 😉





Big Sam 4 news! Screenwriters confirmed!

We are proud to announce that Jonas and Verena Kyratzes will be writing screenplay for Serious Sam 4! As you know, we already worked with Jonas on our critically acclaimed title The Talos Principle, and now we decided to extend the scope of our relationship to our beloved Serious Sam franchise. But Jonas brought in his secret weapon in form of Verena Kyratzes, and they both started shaping the story into something really awesome (not to say “blockbuster-y”).

“I was a fan of Serious Sam before I got to work with Croteam, so I must admit I was sort of hoping I might be involved with the next one if The Talos Principle went well. But more than that, we immediately clicked with the team, were treated like family, and really wanted to keep working with them. Going to Croatia and working in the office just confirmed that.” – Jonas Kyratzes

“I didn’t really expect to be doing this. At first I was just suggesting some ideas, some bits of dialogue, but eventually I ended up writing an entire draft of the script and working full-time with the team in Croatia. It was a very pleasant surprise, because ever since Talos, we’ve been good friends with the people at Croteam.” – Verena Kyratzes

“Storyline is being shaped out at the moment, and we can only say – it will be worth the wait!” – Damjan Mravunac, CMO



Warning: writers detected!

Jonas and Verena Kyratzes were seen in Croteam’s office last week…. But what could they be doing here, knowing that Talos is out and no sequel is planned for now…?

jonas jonas2

The Talos Principle gets nominated for Golden Joystick Awards

The Talos Principle is once again recognized as one of the best games of the year. Talos is three time nominee at this years Golden Joystick Awards. Nominations are for Best Original Game, Best Storytelling and PC Game of the year.

Voting is open for public so if you like Talos you can cast your vote here:

Awards ceremony will take place at the O2 arena in London on October 30th.

The Talos Principle at Steam Top 10 Top Sellers List

The Talos Principle has reached Top 10 at Steam Top Sellers List as a part of Devolver Digital Weekend Sale. Serious Sam Complete Pack and Road to Gehenna are also doing well reaching the Top 25.

We want to thank our fans for their support and ask to help as even further to reach Top 5 position.

Devolver Weekend Sale is on until August 17th so you don’t have much time to think. All Croteam’s games are available at discounted prices up to 90%.

For more info check the Steam page .

Big Devolver sale starts NOW!

Prepare yourself because on this hot summer day this will warm you up even more. All Devolver Digital titles are on Steam Weekend sale which starts NOW.

Titles included are:

Serious Sam Series 90% off
Talos Principle 66% off
Talos Principle DLC’s 66% off
Road to Gehenna 25% off

This is your chance to become a proud owner of ALL Croteam games at once.


Offer ends on August 17th but you don’t have to wait until the last minute. Go buy yourself great game(s), you know you deserved it!

Check out what Jonas and Damjan said about Talos, Sam, and much more!

Gamescom 2015 is officially over and soon we’ll start with preparations for the next one. That means more push-ups and squats. In the meantime, you can check the interview made by Twitch with our brilliant minds Jonas & Damjan.

Guys mentioned that the PS4 version of The Talos Principle will come out on October 13th and that the whole team worked really hard to make it look as beautiful as on PC. Deluxe edition will feature brand new expansion Road to Gehenna which expands the story and puzzles even further, as a token of good will to all PS owners who patiently waited for the game.

They also said something about Serious Sam 4, but you’ll need to watch video to find that out 😛


Geekie Awards voting is now open!

Voting at this years Geekie Awards is now open so now it’s time to cast your vote for your favorite Video Game of the year: The Talos Principle.

You can vote for one nominee in each category once a day. The site will allow you back in at 12:00 Central Time each morning.

Although the panel of judges will have final word in choosing the winner, public votes, your votes, will be considered as an added value for the nominees. In other words, if you want to show your love for The Talos Principle, vote for us.

Voting ends on August 31st so you don’t have much time to think. Please share this news with your friends and vote if you like the game!




The Talos Principle PS4 release gets a publisher for European and Australasian market

Special boxed edition of The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition distributed for PlayStation 4 will be available in European, Australian and Asian retail stores courtesy of Bandai Namco. Boxed edition alongside the digital one will hit the stores on October 13th.

Mark your calendar, folks. This will be the day that you have all been waiting for. :-)