SCUM: Announcing Croteam’s cooperation with Gamepires

Real, brutal, hardcore, kick-ass, next-gen, “finally, THE survival”, – basically everything that hardcore survival player is expecting to get – down to loosing teeth because of lack of vitamin C (or getting short in heated discussions), then asking politely others to give you their healthy teeth, so you can use learned dentist skill of crafting your own dentures – it’s going to be crazy deep in upcoming PC Steam online survival game called SCUM.

SCUM is coming from our friends and ex-Croteamers at Gamepires, published by also our friends at Devolver Digital, where Croteam is producing, co-financing and also helping with the development in photogrammetry and mocap areas.

SCUM also has a Steam page, so go there, wishlist and follow the development! Also, check out the latest video, screens and post comments (and best wishes) in Steam’s discussion forum: