Bugs in our code? No waaaay….

Serious Engine v1.10 source code was released just recently, but it already provoked the interest of a large number of developers.

Among the developers was a company Program Verification Systems, that used it’s static code analyzer to analyze the Serious Engine v1.10 code.

Their findings? Well, apparently there are “bugs in the code” and “suspicious code fragments”, but Croteam’s official stance on this matter remains that we write and develop a perfect code!

For example, PVS-Studio analyzer claims that it found typos and that there are identical sub-expressions to the left and to the right of the ‘==’ operator. So? One can never be too sure! We were just double checking! Errm, yes, just making sure, that was it. Definitely not a typo.

Further on in the analysis, PVS-Studio analyzer tries to pwn us with another finding: “in this code fragment we get a pointer “pwndView”, which is then assigned with NULL, making the condition always false. Most likely the programmer meant to write the inequality operator ‘!=’”.

While it may be true that the condition is always false, we’re positive that the programmer knew exactly what he (or she) was doing. Which is more than can be said for our PR department (it’s just me on Thursdays, hi!) that would love to further analyze the analyzer (or just use the word extensively) and its findings, but sadly can’t really understand any of that technical stuff.

But if you can, take a look at our careers section – we may have a job for you!

A big thanks goes to Svyatoslav Razmyslov from Program Verification Systems for testing Serious Engine v1.10, writing the article and trying to find bugs. Nice try 😉