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SCUM Maneater Update is Live on Steam

Gamepires have outdone themselves again. This Friday marks another milestone, as SCUM gets its biggest update to date as well as a huge wipe of everything ever. You won’t be mad, tho’. Here’s why.

First up, SCUM just got the first batch of female prisoners. There are three base characters to choose from, but fear not – all of them are fully customizable. After you’re done with that – and one slider is going to make it last for hours – you’ll be welcomed to a world full of missions and improvised construction sites. That’s right, base building is now a thing.

Other than that, SCUM has a brand new inventory system, car repair mechanics and epic beards to go along with it. Finally, you’ll be able to channel your inner hipster in SCUM. That’s not all, of course, so make sure to visit the link below for a full Maneater Update breakdown.

Race your way to victory in Battle Bolts update 1.03b

Our Croteam Incubator gem Battle Bolts has just been updated with some cool new features to make your strategic tank-battling even more fun. With a brand new game mode and some new tanks, along with some community requested features, this is the biggest update Battle Bolts has gotten since leaving Early Access.

The new game mode in question is Racing. The goal of this fun new mode is to end each turn on a highlighted tile, while using all traditional mechanics to prevent the opponent from doing so. The tank racing takes place on three custom racing arenas – Shifty Lanes, Crossroads and Drive-thru. Complementary to the new game mode are two brand new tanks – Ranger and Medusa – both equipped with unique front and side abilities.

For a full list of changes be sure to check out the official changelog.

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