The Talos Principle Community Game Giveaway surprise game revealed

Thanks for joining our evergrowing Steam community, we now passed 81.000 members! Our way to say thanks is to announce surprise game that we will be giving to some of the lucky members.

Game is: Shadow Warrior!

That is one old school shooter done properly on so many levels. And no game executed first person melee combat as good as Shadow Warrior did with mythical katana. Just wielding it through opposing flesh makes this game worth playing. But there is so much more, humor, upgradeable weapons and unmistakeable old school gameplay. Just try it out!

We will award 10 Steam keys for this thrilling game to some of you when our Steam community grows to 100.000 members. So join our community, help us grow and enjoy rewards!
To make this deal sweeter, we will give you 200 keys for various Serious Sam games! It’s a heaven for old school shooter fans!

As always, please help spread the news about The Talos Principle by inviting your friends to The Talos Principle official Steam group and together with them enjoy rewards that we prepared in our giveaway during the coming weeks.

Check giveaway progress and see its road-map on this link:
— About Disciples of The Talos Principle: Community Game Giveaway

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Thanks for your time and your support!