Serious Sam Classics: Revolution is out of Early Access!

Happy days! Serious Sam Classics: Revolution is out in the wild as a fully released game. You saw this coming, let’s be honest, as we have recently announced Croteam will help to get this project through the door.

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution is now THE best way to enjoy Classic old-school Serious Sam games, improved and expanded upon with many often requested changes, tweaks, and fixes, as well as a brand new original campaign – Bright Island. The game features 8 new maps, on top of those available in the originals, and some brand new achievements. We mustn’t forget the workshop support, so get in and showcase your modding skills. We can’t wait to see what your imagination will spawn.

Huge thanks and congrats to everyone Alligator Pit and everyone else involved with this project over the past couple of years.

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