SCUM Update is Live

This weekend, get ready to go in deep because the new SCUM update is live and ready for you to check it out. The absolute highlight of this update is a brand new diving mechanic. Gamepires have added some diving gear to the game, which will allow you to explore the underwater world and soak in all its beauties.

If you’re not one for deep sea exploration and shootin’ stuff is your primary concern, worry not – the new SCUM update introduces a rare M82 recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifle bound to blast some fools to oblivion. The rifle is only available in military bases, so getting it will be a high-risk-high-reward adventure.

Oh, this patch will also allow you to make your own little Frankenstein, but we’ll let you find out more about that in the full changelog available on Steam.

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