SCUM Early Access 3-month Roadmap is Here!

You have spoken, Gamepires have listened, and now you finally have an idea of where SCUM is going. It is going to be a blast, let us you tell you. Happy days!

We won’t go into detail, there’s an elaborate blog post on the SCUM store page for that, but we’ll offer a broken down version instead.

First up, some vehicle changes. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy vehicular gameplay the likes of which you will never forget, as the car physics are getting a huge upgrade. Elsewhere in-game you’ll be able to use a brand new inventory. The one SCUM has now is cool, and all, but nothing like the new one. Cross my heart.

One of the most important updates to SCUM by far is the base building system that will allow you to – build a base! Woooo! Who saw that coming?!

There are tons of changes planned for the following months, so be sure to check out the 3-Month Roadmap blog post by following the link below.