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3 more days…

Are you excited? We certainly are, as only 3 more days separate us from giving you The Talos Principle so you can experience it firsthand!

Some of the luckier journalists already got their hands on review copies, and here’s what they have to say:


I consider it one of the best games of the year.”   PC World

…one of the better puzzle game presentations I’ve ever played.”   Venture Beat

The Talos Principle is one of the nicest surprises of 2014.”

“The Talos Principle has some important things to say, but more thoughtfully, it wants the player to have important things to say as well.”   Destructoid


Head over to our Community Game Giveaway as there are few Talos keys to be handed out to you people!

We just added 10 The Talos Principle game keys to our Community Giveaway!

Interest in The Talos Principle is growing larger every day and so is its Steam community!

Every few days we can hear some journalist getting thrilled after playing preview build of the game. Also, after releasing free The Talos Principle Public Test on Steam overwhelmingly positive user reviews are pouring every day spreading the excitement about it. Get it here!

We are now two weeks from the release and we want to return some of this love to our community. So, we decided to add 10 Steam keys for The Talos Principle game to 25.000 members giveaway milestone, together with previously announced 50 keys for various Serious Sam games and 10 keys for Hotline Miami.

To become member of The Talos Principle Steam community, you can either:


If you want you can help us reach milestones in several different ways, first by joining our community, and then by inviting your friends into it, posting and sharing news and announcements from the group, etc
Only way to invite your friends into the community is through The Talos Principle official Steam group page. You will notice Invite friends option in the menu on the right side. There you can inivite some or all of your friends, who you think might be interested in The Talos Principle.

Check giveaway progress and see its road-map on this link:

About Disciples of The Talos Principle: Community Game Giveaway

“Are they gonna like it…?”

Time flies when you’re having fun – someone said – and (s)he was certainly right, as the past few weeks have been nothing but fun for us! We’ve released Public Test, received very useful comments which helped us iron out all the small bugs and glitches that we just couldn’t have found alone, without your help. So we’d like to thank you all for your feedback and support, and let you know that mere 2 weeks are separating you from release of The Talos Principle.

But even after getting overwhelmingly positive comments on our Public Test, there’s still that little voice in every developer’s head, whispering “Are they gonna like it…?”

The first time I went to play Talos Principle is when the game reached alpha, story was finished and all the puzzles have been set. It took me several days to go through complete game, and I remember having many moments of epiphany (after solving puzzles that have been bothering me), or giggling and grinning while I spent my time in terminals trying to prove what it means to be human… After finishing the initial pass, I was soooo excited, and thought how amazing it was, and how no one outside of the team is gonna believe me, thinking I was biased ’cause I helped develop the game!

Seeing how Ian from GameTrailers spoke about Talos Principle in GameTrailers’s video preview, reminded me a lot of my experience and made me grin once again 🙂

If you still haven’t checked out that video, click on the link below



The Talos Principle – Themed Craft Contest!

With the impending release of The Talos Principle in less than one month, we’re giving another opportunity for you to increase your chances to win a free copy of The Talos Principle. We want to spark the creativity within our community and see what ideas unfold.
1. Join our Offical Group on Steam

2. Check under ‘Discussions’ tab – there is a pinned post there explaining everything you need to do in order to enter our contest.
Here is a cool pic from one of the entrants, just to give you some ideas what you could do!

If only I had some TNT...

If only I had some TNT…

Good luck!

Day 4 & 5 after release of the Public Test – 97% ‘overwhelmingly’ positive reviews!

The current number of reviews on Steam has reached 831 and our Public Test now has 97% positive reviews and status “Overwhelmingly Positive”. What can we say, but thank you all for believing in us! Here are top comments from the past two days!

“This is a hidden gem in the free to play list.”

“Excellent game, beautiful environment and fun puzzles.”

“This game is a very odd blend of thought inducing, challenging, odd, and beautiful. This public test client sold me on buying the full game. Good first person puzzlers are rare and this most definitely is one.”

“I believe this is the best puzzle game I’ve played in years. The atmosphere is great and the difficulty is spot on.”

“This game is ♥♥♥♥ing awesome, interesting puzzles and narrative. Cant wait for the full release!”

“Both the philosophical theme and the music create a great atmosphere for this excellent puzzle game.”

“I thought it was great! The puzzles were fun, I didn’t notice any bugs or problems, and I found the theme very interesting.”

“Play the public test while you still have a chance!”

“This game is absolutely brilliant and the overall design is stunning and smooth.”

“Difficult, Satisfying, and Adventurous.”

“A very fun and engaging game! I look forward to a full version in the future!”

“I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good puzzle game.”

“I can not stress any more the visual beauty of this game. I loved just walking or running through the enviroment. The puzzles did prove challenging, but did not take giant amounts of time. The voice acting was oddly soothing with the background music. I could honestly play this over and over.”

“I have always loved puzzle games. This will be the next in my collection.”

“I loved the puzzles, the way it looked, and everything about it.”

Don’t trust us. Don’t trust other players. Try it for yourself.