More reviews for The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna

More reviews are coming in for our brand new release The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna and there are nothing but positive.

PC Gamer

“There are very few games this philosophically ambitious, and fewer that match that quality with equally intelligent game design. If you’ve not experienced it for yourself yet, go and play The Talos Principle. If you have, and you don’t feel like your brain has been stretched as far as it can go, then Road to Gehenna is a worthy next step.”

Chris Thursten, PC Gamer
Biogamer Girl

“With The Talos Principle: Road To Gehenna, we now get a fully-fledged expansion that wants to continue the epic story behind the original game.”

Cindy Lennox, Biogamer Girl 
Game Watcher

“It also doesn’t hurt that like the main game itself, Road to Gehenna looks breathtakingly gorgeous. With top-tier texture work, buttery smooth animation and the sort of hyper-detailed environments that really set it apart from its peers, it’s fair to say that much like The Talos Principle before it, Road to Gehenna is one of the most visually arresting titles available right now.”

John Paul Jones, Game Watcher