The Talos Principle – Launch Trailer

With less than few hours separating us from the release, there’s no better way to get prepped for The Talos Principle than to announce launch trailer, which you can watch here.

So get ready, today is big day for us all. The media is already raving about the game, get a glimpse here:

The Talos Principle is a game of challenges and conundrums and philosophical wonderings, filled with logic puzzles and cerebral mysteries”   90/100

The Talos Principle delivers”   84/100

Much like Portal, The Talos Principle makes you feel smart just by playing it”   8.3/10

It’s a game that aspires to be more than what we traditionally expect, and one that has an intangible quality that makes it more than the sum of its parts”   90/100

You don’t review The Talos Principle, it reviews every bit of you.”   Gamegrep

It’s one of my favourite games from 2014.”   Rock Paper Shotgun

The Talos Principle is my runaway choice for Game of the Year for 2014”   5/5