First test reviews of Vulkan API

Following the recent release of Vulkan API, gamers around the world are making first tests for the mentioned new API graphics. One of the eager future Vulkan fans are the guys from AnandTech who have tested new API release on standard GPU with Windows 8.1. You can read their whole review here.

General conclusion is that the implementation so far is better than expected but in the future we can expect further improvements. Hopefully the developers will know how to use Vulkan API more efficiently.

One of our partners in crime, AMD, are satisfied with the ongoing collaboration on our latest game The Talos Principle.

“AMD collaborated with Croteam to implement Vulkan™ into Serious Engine, igniting the next chapter in AMD’s continued work in the low-overhead API space,” said Graham Sellers, Fellow Software Architect, AMD. “Along with Croteam, we are thrilled enable the acclaimed title, The Talos Principle, for Vulkan™ on Radeon graphics to help bring enhanced experience and performance for gamers.”

We are eager to hear for more test reviews soon.