Disciples of The Talos Principle, we welcome you to Gehenna!

The long-awaited expansion to our critically acclaimed The Talos Principle hit the ‘shelves’ today (if that’s the expression still used these days?). Road to Gehenna puts you in the shoes of Uriel, Elohim’s most beloved messenger, tasked with a mission to enter Gehenna and free souls trapped in this mysterious place. Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes once again return as screenwriting duo, keen to show players an entirely different side of Elohim’s world through a journey to Gehenna, hidden part of simulation filled with new characters and a new society with its own history and philosophy.

Road to Gehenna is available on Steam for 10% off the standard price during the first week of launch. To sweeten things up, The Talos Principle is the featured Steam Weekend Deal till 27th with a 66% off discount, which makes this a perfect combo for hot summer days! 😉

Enjoy discovering wonders of Gehenna, and may the words be with you!