Day 1 Recap – Croteam at GAMESCOM 2014

Day 1 hello from GAMESCOM 2014!

The Gamescom was officially opened this morning for public, which made our Cologne team very very happy, as we could finally put Talos in front of people we make games for! And boy was that fun! As part of the Indie MEGABOOTH (located in hall 10.1) Croteam was blessed with an opportunity to listen first-hand what you boys and girls have to say about Talos’ gameplay and story. It was really great watching people playing our game and discovering how all these mechanics work, while experiencing glimpses of story that justify the adjective “philosophical” in our tagline. And you people did good – many of you were so persistent and didn’t want to give up, and it was a pure pleasure for us watching you solve final puzzle and experiencing that moment of epiphany, knowing you proved yourself worthy of the challenge!

day1_recap_1 day1_recap_2 day1_recap_3 day1_recap_4

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and see you at the show-floor tomorrow! 😉
If you are in Cologne, be sure to visit hall 10.1 and check Talos in person!