Day 1 after release of Road to Gehenna

Both The Talos Principle and the expansion Road to Gehenna made it to Steam’s top ten list! We couldn’t be more proud, and we thank you for your support! It’s seems media and press love Gehenna as well, here are few reviews that popped up straight after release.

Rock Paper Shotgun

“This is really superb. Wonderful new puzzles, not over-complicating or trying to be a level of impossible above what came before, but still offering new challenges and new scope for the same tools. And a whole new story that lives within Talos’s original, but is communicated entirely through community discussion, and feels extremely reactive to the dialogue choices you make. It’s everything you could want an expansion to be.” 

John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun 

PC World

“This is Croteam taking all its tools and making the craziest, most elaborate puzzles it can think of, and that’s something few puzzle games get (or are allowed) to do for fear of losing the audience. There’s true craftsmanship on display in Road to Gehenna.” 

Hayden Dingman, PC World

Pixel Dynamo

“…Road to Gehenna is a worthy expansion to The Talos Principle that only adds good things to the game.”

Melissa Vach, Pixel Dynamo


“Road to Gehenna is an expansion that stands squarely upon the shoulders of its predecessor, but at the same time surpasses it.”

William Kirk, GameCloud