4th milestone winners announced!

We run through 50,000 Steam community members milestone in our Disciples of The Talos Principle: Community Game Giveaway so it’s time for us to reward some of you as promised! Out of the first 50,000 members we chose random 110 Steam IDs, and split them between 100 various Serious Sam and 10 Heavy Bullets game keys.

10 winners of Heavy Bullets are:
⁂h3X⁂, XGTy, cko6o4ku))))), De.flourman, Critical Timing, Kylesaurrr, Gokudetonados12, StaringIsCaring, chris_wardle, ivlevigor

Winners of Serious Sam games are:

Serious Sam Complete Pack (all Serious Sam games ever released on Steam!)
yope203, sahil98, mackrellts1, Morte, bigbugsband, Hepatic Portal Gun, the Ninja, Solomon07, BlueSanto, skyreader_1219, LordOwenTheThird, Todd, s.huerholz, Carambol

Serious Sam 3 BFE
Waldiwpunkt, Grapes, ZapRowsdower, dalamb, Lord Antares, Gulumige, shinokun94, stimk, KingrockZx, R3B3L, Frank Jaeger, Tristan Dwight, crawlingchaos, Blobfish, Korano Alomar, Vault boy (Bro Army), Siftu, BaStOś, KeySer, Monkey D Sai, munkeejm, IronSight, Vobis, TripleHelix935, funknarz, babsi, Vikingbetch, moggers87, YP.LoverLord, Black Knight, Mistress Brightside, Falling Star, LiMBuS, Kenaz

Serious Sam 2
Kenaz, El_FraGo, Narumi Ayumu, Fupang Li, Fatal Futanari, pupsgesicht, jipi07, Austin Powers, shebrsh, focistvan, ♛SilveR™♛, CookiezMaster, Xenomorph23, PhantomNil, Setsuna

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter
Sandy Hooker, Salat, jrronimo, Oneyed, mathias.hjordt123, SprakenZEwibble, n_gamble_live, erEddydWerba,rogue_trooper, andrew, DizzyBR, giovanna, rinforzando, vault13rev

Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter
danjk2602, K-Diddy, tristankp, Lazyarrow, Vernalator, RED, ublwow, fitorsg, cogitokat, Cakebunny, gohuleo, Scratch¥, microsoftenator, Taryn, SensitiveSally97

Serious Sam HD Gold Edition
x-trustnoone-x, M!ST, ignacio17, Char Draesia, WHOPPER – OH YEAH! OH YEAH!, Dabliu, [FGI] Anti-Mage :***, mark.a.duncan5, Luckachka, Smiling Jack

We congratulate the winners! Expect to be contacted soon on your Steam profile to receive your prizes.

All of you who weren’t lucky this time, don’t despair, you still have a chance to win games when we reach next milestones. You can help us reach next milestone in many ways, for example by inviting your friends to The Talos Principle official Steam group, sharing group announcements, posting about game and/or giveaway in activity feed, etc

Big thanks to all who participated! We are very thankful for your help!

Next milestone big round 100,000 members! And be sure we have some nice surprises for you that we will reveal along the way!

Bigger we are, faster we can grow! Spread the Words! Words are everything!

Check giveaway progress and see its road-map on this link:
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