3rd milestone winners announced!

The Talos Principle community reached 25,000 members. This time, the prize pool was really big, we had more than 69 games to give away, including 10 copies of freshly released The Talos Principle!

Picking them with our analog winner generator would take ages, so we had to politely ask our programmers to fix digital one.


Shockingly, they were very cooperative and it worked this time! Here are the winners:

Serious Sam Complete Pack (all Serious Sam games ever released on Steam!)
Sleepless®™, Hypnos_, Shiny Taji, Wolf, ☣TGK☣ | Finnboymax, That_One_Spartan, HollowChris, Jackie Boy, andvst69, InkAngel04

Serious Sam 3 BFE
bob, Hectrol, HueSacco, im_kind_of_a_big_deal, @Faaaatima <3, [M.D.P]dragonblackblue, ………………………….., Logikal, baldlex, Sueht

Serious Sam 2
Noster900, EXCL, Iwo, Thalomarre, OccupiedMuffinz, IoEnoI, Pew Pew Pew, Sgt. Oermel, AlexJonesWasRight, SchwarzBaer

Serious Sam HD The First Encounter
Jamegika39, Cythion, Silver, Dred_furst, Mr.left4cake™, Kyo282828, wsxdr1, rustt_, XevRenoZiN, Purple Chili Pepper

Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter
[CotS] Oruc, Meechi, TheCorpse, ORioN, hastearm, watwat, Gidan, 470mF >:(, WipEouT, Ellsy

Hotline Miami:
Mr Kat, Meat, Pirate, hunter21106, Gamer9001, Steve J.M Kllumpnuggett, decoy, Viiikie #FiskodlareN#, jthoppa, [SLAK]Pants


The Talos Principle:
FranCo, 3z, ««Mip Gordon Afroman»», Jiggly Puff’s Glorious Mustache, tarshin, DMR, noel, michaeloneill95, Slezan86, Deathstroke

We congratulate the winners! Expect to be contacted soon through your Steam profiles to receive your prizes.

All of you who weren’t lucky this time, don’t despair, you still have a chance to win games when we reach next milestone. You can help us reach next milestone in many ways, for example by inviting your friends to The Talos Principle official Steam group, sharing group announcements, posting about game and/or giveaway in activity feed, etc

Big thanks to all who participated! We are very thankful for your help!

Next milestone 50,000 members! See you there 😉

About Disciples of The Talos Principle: Community Game Giveaway